Sometimes You Gotta Stop and Paint the Roses

No matter what we think we have planned, lo and behold said plan quite often doesn’t follow “the plan” and we get thrown for a loop.  For instance, when we bought this house, we knew that at some point we would have to do some foundation work.  We planned on it being several years away.  Wrong!  When I bought my last smartphone, we included insurance.  We planned ahead in case something happened.  Which it did because I, apparently, can be a huge klutz when taking pictures (of the work being doneroses watercolor to shore up the foundation).

Another thing, my bathroom sink hasn’t been draining as well as it should.  I planned on doing something about it… really.  This morning, I ran drain cleaner down it.  This afternoon, I ran downstairs to let my husband know that there was water all over the bottom of the cabinet under the sink.

Recently, i bought a big box of disposable gloves for when I do art projects involving things that could stain my hands.  A smart plan.  However… they made my hands sweat which made those suckers stick like glue.  Didn’t think they were ever coming off!  Yep, we plan and life laughs.  And when life laughs at me, I either laugh back or yell.  OR… quite often… I just paint.

#karrencaseart #watercolor #McKinney Texas


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