Tell A Story

I am a member of the Art Club of McKinney.  Every month we have a guest artist as our speaker who also gives us a fantastic demonstration in one of the mediums that they are known for.  At our last meeting, our guest presenter was Murry Whiteman who is an award winning artist with over 30 years in graphic design and illustration.

Of all the tips and insights he gave us, two hit home for me.  First,   you (i.e. the artist) are not a camera.  Second, tell a story.  This second part is something I often remind myself to try and do, especially if there is a face or figure in my artwork.  Sometimes no story is necessary.  A pear painted in the middle of the canvas is … well… probably just that, unless the artist wants YOU to make up your own story and adds something to the pear.  Like a bite mark or something really strange in which case you start wondering “why” and “what the heck”.  You (the viewer) then become the storyteller and the cool thing is, your story will most likely be different from someone else looking at the same painting.

She'sHome watermarkedSO… back to telling a story.  I have titled this painting (which, by the way, is a mixed media collage)  “Home”.  Now you decide what her story is.  I can think of  several.

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