Death of a Smartphone?

Well, it had to happen at some point.  Though I never thought it would happen to me.  I committed what could be called accidental phoneslaughter.  There I was, innocently and happily taking photos with my ever faithful sidekick ( smartphone) of the chaos and mess outside our home due to the drilling of scary looking holes deep into the ground under one portion of the house with my only intent of being sure everyone I’m connected with on Facebook … well, you know.. could share in this “life event”.   Really, look how exciting my life is… we’re having foundation work done!  Share, share, share!!!  Well, there I was, taking photos when I noticed my husband coming around the corner from the backyard and seeing me, he promptly started to give me a semi-goofy pose.  Not wanting to miss the opportunity to capture such a Kodak moment, which would give me proof that he really is capable of sometimes being goofy, I swiftly raised my smartphone with camera mode still at the ready, and proceeded to ZOOM.  As I put my eager fingers on the screen, I pushed my poor unsuspecting faithful sidekick completely out of my other hand.  The phone did a lovely backflip which would have earned it a 10 if it had not ended up in a full on “face plant” right on the driveway.  When I picked it up, it was in it’s death throes.  After a quick emergency trip to the local ATT store, and going over options, the phone is now at a repair shop where I hope the data on it can be saved.  Apparently, when the display goes into cardiac arrest, you can’t retrieve anything!  So, I am without a phone and I can only hope the phone doctor can revive her.  No prayers needed, but would appreciate any and all “crossed fingers”.

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