Fun with Figures

This video series was made specifically for The Art Club of McKinney (Texas) as a solution to the limitations of in person programs during the current COVID mess; however, as with our meetings, guests are always welcome.

(Sorry about the black sidebars… if I remove them, it will crop what you see. I promise I’ll get better at filming.)

Take yourself back to a time when you didn’t care what people thought about your drawings. You were a kid, you were having fun. Eventually, your stick figures evolved into something more refined and, eventually, you found your creative calling. It may have been in art or some other pastime.

But every endeavor has to have a beginning, a foundation to build on.

So let’s start…

Fun With Figures: Part 1

A simple approach to mapping the figure.

Fun with Figures: Part 2

Now that you understand simple mapping, let’s explore playing with backgrounds for our figures.


Fun with Figures: Part 3

Mix up your backgrounds with both paint and collage elements.

Paint and collage

Fun with Figures: Part 4

Think monotone. Try a simple background using one or two colors for your abstracted figure.

Let’s paint some more!

Fun with Figures: Part 5

Loosen up! Let’s get in touch with our inner child and make what I like to call “scribble people”.

Scribble time!

Fun with Figures: Part 6

Last little bit. I probably should have put this earlier, but I got to thinking about perspective and wanted to touch on that for a few minutes.

What’s your perspective?

Thanks for watching. I hope you found something you maybe hadn’t tried or thought of before. Have fun!