Too Distracted to Paint

A new project has begun.  Not an art project.  A foundation project.  One corner of the house has settled and the “prep crew” is here.  Goodbye hedges!  Hello large holes around the perimeter of the house.  Yikes.  It definitely is a distraction.  On a normal day, I’d be deep into a painting project or at least getting the “foundation” for the art piece ready.  You know, making sure the paper or canvas is properly prepared to support whatever media I put on top of it.  (Like what’s happening to the house right now.)  So… I will either force myself to ignore the chaos outside and focus on what I want to do next or pull out a translating app and see if I can figure out what the artisans (and in their profession, they are artisans) outside are saying.  Maybe, instead of painting, I should learn Spanish.


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