Coffee Girls 4: Too Much Coffee

Again, she has no name. She’s a lovely person. People like her. She is however, addicted to coffee.

She starts her day with at least two cups in the morning. She has a cup mid-morning. She has one or more mid-afternoon. She supports many local coffee shops. Without coffee, she thinks she can’t function. She thinks she can’t get through her day without it. It keeps her awake and focused. She likes the feeling of being so productive! She gets things done!

Her family and friends try to get her to cut back on her consumption or at least switch to decaf, but she acts like they have just asked her to cut back on her breathing. She doesn’t see what they see. She’s wired. Wired from the caffeine in the coffee. She thinks she’s fine. It’s just coffee! She isn’t affected by the caffeine! She laughs at their concern. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

She is oblivious to the signs of too much caffeine. She thinks she was born with an overactive bladder. She thinks her high blood pressure is hereditary. She thinks her nights of insomnia are part of getting older. Her head is stuck inside her favorite mug.

For her, coffee in it’s purest form, is her source of power. She will not unplug or even put in a dimmer switch regarding it. She’s fully wired and the switch is always set to ON.

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