Coffee Girls No. 3: Early Morning Coffee

This is number 3 in my Coffee Girls series. From necessity her day starts early. Too early for someone who likes being in her nice comfortable bed. Too early for someone who may not be a morning person. Too early for someone who may have stayed up way too late the night before either working, taking care of family, or having a good time.

She needs her coffee. She’s not necessarily a “coffee junkie”, but can’t get her eyes to fully open without it. No decaf for her. She needs it full throttle. When she drags herself out of bed, she often is half asleep through her shower as her body runs on autopilot. Her main thoughts? “Coffee… I need some coffee.” If you speak to her before the coffee takes effect, you will get mumbled responses. It’s better to leave her alone until her second cup for any meaningful interaction.

No fancy mugs for her. She grabs whatever is closest on the shelf. It’s all about the liquid. For this girl, coffee is the power source for her drained battery. Once the green light comes on, she will be ready to go.

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