Forget New Year Resolutions and Goals, Make A 2019 Bucket List Instead

The Fun of a Bucket List

Normally, one thinks of a bucket list as being those things we want to do before we die or as per the saying, “kick the bucket”.  Some of you may remember the 2007 movie starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson titled The Bucket List.  The movie is about two men, terminally ill, who slip out of a cancer ward and take off on a road trip with a wish list of things to do before they die.  It was and is a wonderful story.  Sweet, funny, and moving.

But, why does such a “list” have to be one of to-dos before we die?  Why can’t we have one just for the new year?

Think about it.  Doesn’t a bucket list sound more fun than a resolution or goal?  When you resolve to do something… it’s like saying you are promising to do it.  Breaking promises isn’t fun.  A goal is to be reached.  If you don’t reach it…  you have, well, failed.  Which leads us to the dreaded word.  Guilt.

But a bucket list?  We aren’t making any promises, demands, or setting any “have to achieve the dang thing” goals.  We’re thinking, “Hey, wouldn’t this be fun!  Wouldn’t this be cool to do! I want to do this.  Maybe I’ll do this!  This year.

Dream Big, Dream Small… It’s YOUR 2019 Bucket List

Ok, here are some of mine (and they don’t include a bungee jump of ANY kind):

  1. Paint more freely.  Slap those paint strokes down and let ’em lay.
  2. Drive over to Oklahoma to the casino and pig out at the all you can eat buffet at least one time.  And…. toss a few nickels in the slots for entertainment.
  3. Go to one or two of the art museums in Dallas.
  4. Actually putting some lavender hair coloring on my hair instead of just thinking about it.
  5. REALLY clean up my art/sewing room.  All I ever seem to do, seriously, is rearrange the mess.
  6. Replant flowers and shrubs around the house that got destroyed when the house had to be lifted and piers put in.
  7. Get my eyes checked.. I keep putting it off.  I hate how much new glasses cost. Ridiculous how expensive they are.
  8. Drag my husband to a movie at an actual movie theater.  The recliners are awesome and every Tuesday is “discount day”.  It won’t cost us an arm and both legs.
  9. Get back into a yoga routine instead of just when I feel the need to stretch it all out or “gee, my tummy is looking saggy again”.
  10. Smile more.  I naturally have frown lines that make me look like I’m in a bad mood all the time.  I’m not, I just look like it.  Smiling more should help.  I hope.

Well, these are some of mine.  As you can see, nothing earth-shattering.  And if I don’t get any of these done… no big deal.  Make your list interesting, make it fun, make it nobody else’s business!  Make your 2019 Bucket List.

Now if I could just find a bucket.

Happy New Year!


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