Our Christmas Tree Debate. Tree or No Tree This Year?

happy holidays

Happy Holidays on 3×3 canvas

There’s been a Christmas tree debate going on in my household since December arrived.  Tree or no tree this year?  I wish I could say it was for a noble reason.  Like being sympathetic to those who for various reasons cannot afford one or have no place to put one.  Unfortunately, this debate (mostly with myself) is for a much shallower reason.  Two reasons actually.  Bruce and Stella.  Our two six month old kittens.

I’ve always had cats and I’ve always had a Christmas tree.  (Some real.  Most artificial.  Another debate for some people.)  So far, there’s never been a major disaster and no Christmas tree debate.  However, these two little monsters (and I say that with much affection) take great delight in getting into trouble.  I keep showing my husband funny videos on social media of cats destroying holiday decorations and knocking over Christmas trees.  I laugh just about every time… because it’s happening to someone else!  Our oldest cat, still takes great delight in running full speed, jumping onto the tree skirt beneath the tree and sliding on it across the floor like an Olympic bobsledder, taking the skirt and half of whatever is under the tree with her.  She and many before her have, of course, destroyed ornaments.  It’s a cat law.  They have to do it.  However, she has never tried to climb the tree.  I think these two will give it a try, even though they have their own tree, a “cat tree” to romp on.

Ok, back to the debate or at least how it ended.

Today, I decided to put up the tree.  My husband loves this time of the year, and to not have a tree in the house seems like some kind of punishment.  So, the Christmas tree was released from the garage.  It’s been up over an hour now and so far, the little monsters have only checked it out about five times.  Then they ate lunch and went to sleep.  They’ll sleep for several hours, which means I still have time to reconsider and take it down.  Just kidding.  I plan to keep it up and take my chances with them turning it into their holiday vacation spot.  I also plan to keep both a spray bottle of water and a camera close by in case any kitten shenanigans develop.  (Bruce and Stella, Santa-Mama is watching you!)

Now, the next debate.  Do we put on decorations?  HA!  Yep, the Christmas tree is up with nothing on it.

Happy Holidays from my cat house to yours!

One thought on “Our Christmas Tree Debate. Tree or No Tree This Year?

  1. You had to start somewhere Karren! This is a good way to do it. Ever since we have had dogs in our house, we have had an artificial tree. So that goes back to 1991. I love the smell of a real tree but our first dog thought the needles were pretty good to munch on until she got sick. That was the end of real trees in our house. Keep us posted on your kitties and their reaction to your tree and ornaments in the days ahead!


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