Waiting. The Art of Having Patience.

waitingI just finished a new piece that I decided to title “Waiting”.  Waiting for what, well I have an idea or two.  There are so many things that she could be waiting for but I usually like to let the viewer make up their own story about the subject.  However, as she came about and her features unfolded, I got the definite impression that she’s waiting for someone or something.  Which got me thinking.  (Oh boy… here we go.)

Waiting requires patience.  Patience often requires study.  Patience is an art.

The official definition of having patience is:  the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

I prefer it to be explained this way:

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”  –  David G. Allen

Wow!  Aha!  Eye opener!  (Can you tell that I really like that quote?)  It’s perfect when applied to the creative process, no matter what your passion is.

As someone who likes to create with paint, etc. and oftentimes gets frustrated at the way things are going on the paper, the canvas, the board… it really jumped out at me.  Because having patience is NOT something that comes naturally to me and, I’m pretty certain, to lots of other people.  How often do we want or expect, something (or someone) to turn out a certain way and then when things start going off course…  puts us in a frame of mind that leads to, well, being impatient and all the negative things that go along with that state of mind.   Boom… exit feeling good, enter feeling the need to throw something.

Having patience, allowing things to develop slowly, allowing something (even something planned) to “show itself” is definitely an art form.  It’s something we can learn.  Being mindful is also an art form that can be learned.  What’s being mindful?  Glad you asked.  Being mindful is the ability to be present, composed, and to pause before reacting.  Read that last line again.  Let it sink in.

Being mindful goes hand in hand with having patience.  They are perfect partners.  Want to be better at your art, hobby, passion, your life?  Put mindfulness and patience into it.  Neither comes easily to most people.  There are some lucky enough to be born with these attributes.  Others have to work at it.  (Confession.. I have to work at them.  Sometimes, really hard.)  I won’t go into them, but studies show that having these two attributes, whether naturally or by learning them via workshops, etc., can have really positive effects on us.

“Patience is not passive waiting.  Patience is active acceptance of the process required to attain your goals and dreams.”  –  Ray A. Davis

If you’re interested in knowing more of the positive effects or the health benefits of having patience, there is a truly interesting article by Kira M. Newman on the website mindful.org.

Oh, one more thing.  Having patience as the letters on your tiles in the board game Scrabble is worth 12 points just as they are.  Put them in the right spot and you can rack up some points!

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