Sometimes I Just Don’t Feel Creative

We all have those days.  Our beloved hobby (or profession for some) is screaming at us to “do something” and we just draw a blank.  You just don’t feel creative!  Your canvas is blank and so is your mind.  (That’s when I usually wind up painting an “abstract”.  LOL!)


Maybe your computer screen is blank and the cursor is patiently blinking waiting for you to hit those keys, but words just don’t come.  Your stash of yarn is demanding your attention and you can’t make a decision on what to do next.  Your tools and bin full of scrap lumber is calling, but you can’t answer.  You are in the dreaded “slump” zone and you can’t get going.  And you’re NOT happy about it.

Does Being Creative Make Us Happy?

You just don’t feel creative and you need to be.   “Being creative makes us happier and healthier.”  I read that somewhere.  Wish I had written down where I saw it.  It was some kind of study.  Anyway… ok, I agree.  When I’m “in the zone” (the creativity zone) and everything is coming together like I want, yep… I’m a happy camper.  Man, I’m feeling GOOD!  The happy connectors of my brain are on fire!  BUT… often before we get to that zone of creativity, we’re grabbing the eraser, we’re backspacing, we’re tossing paper, the cat (whatever’s handy), aside and getting frustrated.  Sometimes I even start questioning my ability to do what I’m doing!  There definitely IS a “path to happiness” and that path is not always a straight one.  I’m not going to even touch on the idea that we “suffer for our art” or craft or whatever it is we love to do.

So… What Do You Do When You Just Don’t Feel Creative?

Well, if you’re like me and just plain curious, you get on the internet (while still in your pajamas) and look for ways to get motivated again!  Have you checked out ways to unleash your creativity on the internet?  You’ll be bombarded with websites on the subject of what to do when you don’t feel creative.  Like all things on the internet, some sites offer realistic and helpful information, and others… well, I guess for some people, clickbait is how they get creative.

A Few Ideas You Might or Might Not Have Tried

Here are several things I came across in my “research”.

Meditate – It relaxes your body and your mind.  You’ll be less stressed about the fact that you just don’t feel creative that moment, or that day… or that entire week!  I don’t meditate; however, I assume that random daydreaming works.

Turn on the Music – This is one that I use.  A lot.  The music playing also depends on my mood.  However,  the outcome is pretty much the same.  I get motivated!  I also have found that the tempo of the music affects my creative process.  You get it, right?  I know you do.  (Housework + music = creative cleaning.)

Find something to laugh about or just plain laugh out loud for no particular reason –   Laughing boosts the brain’s “feel good” center.  It boosts your mood, your decision making abilities and your emotions.  Don’t feel creative?  In a slump?  Start laughing!  People might think you’ve lost your mind… but we know better.

Write or draw something with your non-dominate hand – Your brain has two hemispheres (you know that right?), using your non-dominate hand forces the two “sides” to work together more than if you just use your dominate hand.  This also affects your ability to think creatively.  “By activating the right brain so that it works with the left brain, we are able to unlock powerful though processes.” (quote in an article by Jyl Lytle).  Artists already understand this and a common warm-up exercise is to draw (or begin) their subject with the non-dominate hand.  (When I do it, my “subject” looks like it was drawn by someone who is falling down drunk!)

Talk to people. Look at what others are doing – I’m certainly not suggesting that you “steal” ideas, images, etc.  Talk to people who do what you do.  Brainstorming often unleashes ideas and new approaches to all kinds of different things!  Surf the web in general or specific sites.  Sometimes, we just need a few visuals to get going again.

Look around you – There’s inspiration all around us!  STOP and smell those roses!  Colors, nature, emotions… those are things that inspire me and often help me when I’m in a creative slump.

These are just a few ideas.  You probably already have one or two things already that work for you when you experience those times when you just don’t feel creative.  I can honestly say, that just by writing this blog today, my mind is a lot more awake and creatively thinking than when I opened up my laptop.

Just don’t feel creative?  Don’t worry…  it won’t last.  Your creative juices are right there in your brain.  They just need you to prime the pump to get them flowing.

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