Enjoying Presidents Day

Mount Rushmore

I realize that today is supposed to be about remembering and paying tribute to all those who have held or do hold the title of President of the United States. However, I’m so fed up with politics that I prefer to not think about any of them (other than to find a photo of Mount Rushmore for this musing).

Nope, today I hold the title.

Today I declare myself President of my little place in the sun and I give tribute to myself for all of my accomplishments. Like many other Presidents before me, I prefer to remember the good things, the successes, that I have had under my long administration. And like many Presidents before me, I prefer to hope the failures stay in the closet. I also hope that I have learned from those failures which, unfortunately, so many of those in Washington seem to have not.

This Presidents Day, I celebrate that I put my child on the path to be a darn good adult. A good citizen. I celebrate the awesome grandchildren that I have some influence on. They will be good citizens too. I have made decent gains economically for my constituents. My economic stimulus program may not be fantastic, but it’s steady and is keeping a roof over our head and food on our table. (For that, I really have to give credit to my wonderful Vice President who does a heck of a good job. )

As President of my little corner, people are treated with respect and fairly. Though if you break the law or act like a spoiled brat and take no responsibility for what you do, you won’t get much sympathy or support from me. I try hard to uphold my commitments. Nature under my administration is treated with both awe and respect. I try to keep my little corner of the world eco-friendly and encourage others to do so. As the child and wife of a veteran, I support our military. I may not support some of the things they are forced to do by our national leaders, but I support those in our armed forces whose adherence to duty allows me to safely keep my freedoms.

So, as President of my little place in the sun, I have pardoned myself from any and all housework, yard work, or honey-do lists that need to be done.

I pardon you from these things as well. Have a good rest of the day.

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