Mothers and Daughters: Moms and Their Mini-Me

My Mom and Mini-Me Series

This series of whimsical mothers and their daughters portraits (okay, characters) started a while back when I was in a “gotta draw faces” phase and was spending a lot of time with my sketchbook. Also, at the time, I was painting both realistic and semi-realistic female faces. I still occasionally will paint a face that passes for “real”.

However, where’s the fun in that?

I had much rather draw and paint whimsical, if not outright silly, faces. Faces, real or not, are so interesting! So… the Mom and Mini-Me series was born and I still add to it since I haven’t yet painted all the drawings that patiently wait in my aforementioned sketchbook.

Acrylic painting.  Whimsical mom and her mini-me.

Are You a Mini-Me of Your Mom?

I’m not. I look more like my father. My dad used to tell me I had “daddy’s features and mommy’s fixtures”. I think I probably act more like him too. However, back to the question. Are you a mini-me of your mom?

Because I paint, I find myself looking (discreetly as possible) at the faces of people around me, especially when a mother and daughter (or son) are together. I look to see how much they have in common. Eye color, eye placement, bone structure, hair color, mouth size. I really look. I find it fascinating. They would probably find it weird, which is why it has to be done “on the down low” so the cops don’t get involved. (Good thing I have artist friends who can vouch for me too.)

Anyhow, rarely do I see a mother with an absolute mini replica of herself, since we are, in truth, a complicated blend of both our parents… and their parents… and their parents.

Back to the Mom and Mini-Me Paintings

Though I have a good time when I create these, they are not painted just for fun. Okay, they are. But….

They make me think about the mother and daughter relationship. How much are you really like your mother?

Do you look like her. Do you talk like her? Do you have the same interests? How much has your mother influenced you? Are you truly a mini-me? Are you the mother of a mini-me?

There are several in this whimsical series of mothers and daughters, and probably more to come. You can see them online on my artist page at Fine Art America. I invite you to take a look. They’re fun.

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