Addicted to Color? Me too!


Hello.  My name is Karren and I’m a color addict.  Yes, I’m addicted to color.  Color in nature, color in … well, everything.  Color pulls me in like a tractor beam from a movie space ship.  And since we’re surrounded by color…. I spend a lot of time in these invisible but powerful beams.

Yes, I’m addicted to color.  Sometimes I want to get lost in the colors around me.  I want to stare at the color and just admire how the light plays on it, or the combinations of colors that have been put together on whatever it is that caught my eye.  The photo above (courtesy of Pixabay), is a riot of glorious natural color that draws me in like a fly to honey.  Warning… don’t ever go to an art museum with me.  I take forever to walk through one.  Shapes and colors will keep me there for hours. Man made color, color in nature.  I’m so aware of the colors that surround me.

There is life in colors.  There is emotion in colors.  The right combination engages us, pulls us in, causes us to react.  The reaction can be one of happiness, of sorrow, of dread, of something on an unconcious or concious level.  That’s part of the addiction (or if you prefer… the attraction).  Color causes me to react.  Unless you are color challenged, it does the same to you.  There’s a whole science behind how we react to color.  Not everyone sees it the same way nor reacts to it the same way.  (Research how color affects the brain. It’s really interesting.)

Anyway…. yes, I’m a color addict and I hope to never be cured.

Happy Spring!  Bring on the colors!


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