See You Next Year Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds.  Delightful tiny winged creatures with big personalities.  I look forward every year to their arrival and I sadly wish them goodbye around this time of the month.  Yep, I usually have a straggler or two fueling up at the feeders in October here in North Texas as they make their way south.  The last one was on October 18th.  Haven’t seen her in a few days.  Hopefully she is safely getting closer to her final destination.  It just amazes me how many miles these birds travel on their annual migration routes to and from Mexico.  It also makes me sad to have read how many never make it and die along the way.

On a happy note, I was lucky this year.  I had an increase in the number of hummingbirds that stopped by and feasted at my yard’s feeders.  I guess the word is getting out that I run a pretty good rest stop during the season.  Plenty of fresh sugar-water, plenty of trumpet vine flowers and plenty of insects.  (My yard is a multi-bird resort community.  There is also an abundant supply of birdseed on hand for the seed eaters.)  I get immense enjoyment at watching all my backyard critters, winged and four footed.  I spend a small fortune on sugar and all types of bird and critter food. Can’t help myself and have no plans to quit.  It’s a good addiction.

Spring Hummingbird Inks

Hummingbird painted with alcohol inks on yupo paper.

For me, prime hummingbird time is September and most of my feathered guests are of the ruby throated variety.  They show up and actually hang around for several weeks fattening themselves. up.  Normally, I only see females.  This year I had some males show up which was thrilling for me.  For my husband… not so much… just another mouth to feed.  Many times, we would be standing outside and would get buzzed by the little jet flyers as they zipped around chasing each other from one feeding area to another and then up into the trees.  And the chattering!  Especially the females.  Boy did they make their presence, and their claim to a spot, known.  If you too, are a hummer fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you are a fan, and like to paint, draw or take photos, they make good subjects for an art piece.

However, it’s late October and I have probably seen the last of them for this year.  But, just in case there are a few out there taking their time heading further south… my feeders will be available until November 1st.  Spread the word!



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