Coffee Girls No. 1: The Coffee Break

Sometimes I just like to paint something different, something involving a face. For a long time, almost everything I painted or sketched involved a face or figure. Sometimes, realistic… mostly slightly off kilter. More fun that way.

So here is the first I did in a fun series I call the Coffee Girls.

She doesn’t have a name. You may call her whatever you like. She’s a dedicated office employee and gives 100 percent to her boss. She rarely misses a day of work and rarely misses her afternoon coffee break. She will often take a shortened lunch hour so that she can tack on an extra fifteen minutes to her normal 3:00 p.m. break just to enjoy her favorite brew a little bit longer.

On weekends, when most people want to meet up at a wine bar for a drink and a visit, she will be the one to suggest a favorite coffee shop instead. When she walks in, the staff behind the counter knows her name. She loves the familiarity almost as much as she loves her coffee. She can guide you through the coffee menu with ease. She likes to try new flavors and is confident in her choices. She is a true coffee connoisseur.

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